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In Slooh Quests you can collect great posters
while learning to be a better astronomer

Slooh teaches also using assignments, Quests, where members are required to study various star catalogues, Solar system objects, fundamental theories of astronomy etc. Today there are numerous Quests (today close to 20) for you to study and I will only give you a few examples in order not to spoil all the nice posters you eventually will get in addition to gravity points. The duration of the Quests vary, some lasts for only hours, some can take many months because they depends on how many missions they need. And some are taken during an actual celestial happening like the Solar Eclipse in 2020, so they can only be taken at that time, usually during a live Star Party

Messier 110 Image Collection

Messier objects was the reason, why I came to Slooh. And shortly after I had finished my personal quest, Slooh opened a special Messier Quest, where you could aim for all the objects and get a great poster.

The posters are made in high resolution this one corresponds to A2 (5008px * 7062px). I had it printed on glossy paper and properly frames it looks quite nice on my wall.

Messier 1 / Jari Backman / Slooh

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse 6/2020

This Quest was designed to be done by downloading live telescope images during a live star party organized by Slooh. Participants were on Zoom and we started at 8.00 in the morning Finnish time. As neither the Canary or Chile observatories were on the path of the eclipse, Slooh's partner observatories in Middle-East and India were giving us the live feeds. Unfortunately, the weather in India wasn't good, but from Sharjah in United Arab Emirates we could get good images. We were not on the narrow full path, but during an hour and a half I took over hundred images and filled the 41 image poster in a spiral path, starting from the middle and travelling counter-clock-wise to the top left corner.

Solar Eclipse / Jari Backman / Slooh

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