Honey and Pentu in spring 2008

The long autumn and not so snowy winter is behind us. The cats have visited the outside world only occasionally, but they seem not to be much bored.

Honey and Pentu usually sleep in the living room chairs, on top of the wasching machine  (if it is not on and Sini is in the bath tub) or on top of the exercise plate between the living room shelves.

There are not so many up moments, you eat, visit the litter box and sleep. Part of the day goes looking out the windows and they also have a daily visit on the open, small window in the sauna. The mosquito net prevents escaping out, but they do can sniff fresh air.

In the morning they usually greet us in the bed (just very shortly), then they wait for some sweet bits (vitamine etc). And sometime in the afternoon/evening they greet Jari as he comes from work.

A couple of times is the 'Hössy'-time. This is running after Mommy's hair tightening lockets as you can see from the Video section.

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