Assorted pictures 2002

The second year on our island went smoothly and the weather was splendid. There were lots of Divers (the namesake of our island) and the sauna was hot all the time. During the midsummer storm our boat escaped, but the samages were luckily very small.

Our cats enjoyed their stay tremendously, but travelling to town and back was really painful.

Mikke with Vietnamese egss

Nöpö with coloured eyes
Divers having a pow-vow
Sunset at the porch of Sauna
Nöpö boating
Sini cleaning the veranda
A storm in the middle of the day
Mikke chasing birds
Look, I am really nice!
Sini on the veranda
Jari explaining...
Boat in fixing

Last modified 13 May, 2003
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