Kesäkuu 2003

Nöpö was buried at the island. Afterwards we noticed that although the grave was in shadows, there were occasionally all day rays of sun touching gently the flowers. In June there were also visitors, Jari's father came all the way from Thailand. We also managed to get fire wood, so the sauna could be kept in daily use.

Nöpö's grave in the beginning

And after Mamy's work
Baby keeping Nöpö company
Mikke searching for Nöpö
Mikke "dining" grass
Official golfballs
Cottage surroundings
Mikke wondering
Lxa ja Noi visiting
Cultural debate
The moment of departure
Ducks visiting
Sini and Mikke strolling
Jari performing by Baby
Fire woods by the beach, 1 m2
Fire woods by the sauna, 1 m2
Solar power in use (quiet)
Battery station
Claws have to be sharp
Mikke having a visitor
Sini ja Arja gossiping
Looks to be friends, but...
Special vehicle floating
Moments in dark

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