Midsummer 2005

We have been in the island for two week periods. Our cat Mikke does not feel very comfortable with the travel, so we try to keep him there for a longer period. So sometimes we even leave him alone, if we have to go to town for errands. After all, he is already 16 years of age and the senior level is at 8 (if you believe the cat food preferences).

For the Midsummer, we had a digital camera in testing and we hope that the pictures are even better now.

Welcome sign is not new anymore

Some of the logs still to be piled
One of the log piles
The terrace is ready for holidays
Anti-Mosquito fumes
Focus is not the terrace, but
Stairs leading to nowhere
Torquise watch (artificial)
Mikke enjoys the island
But it gets tired
What about those trousers
If you don't use the bed, I will
Jari on the play
Sini making a throw
Standing bar
Yes, this is how it looks here!
The logs for the sauna
A new clock in the dressing room
Steps seen from Mikke's horizon
The water in the well is cold and good

Last modified 26 June, 2005
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