Juhannus 2006

The Midsommer festivities this year were for us perhaps more of endurance than celebration. Naturally, we could in our minds figure Mikke here and there. And in many songs the words had a specially touching meaning.

But we stayed long enough to enjoy the superb sunset, the fabulous nature and great weather. And of course to get information of the match results from the World Cup in Germany.  

Jari hunting mosqitoes

Already thinking of mushrooms

I am guarding the pier

Sini preparing the best seats in the island

Welcome to follow the sunset

Yes, indeed welcome

At 10:10PM the sun is still up

Sauna in it's green environment

Sauna flowers on the path to the pier

Sini admiring the sunset

The birch leaves in their best blossom

Art picture I

Art picture II

The last rays at 10:34PM

So nice that you could visit us

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