Maaliskuu 2005

The weather in late February and early March was really nice and we were off to the island again. This time we walked from the parking place and noted that the ice road was still in an usable condition. But the hiking was a sweatty job and afterawards you couls continue it in Sauna.

Another surprise was that the ice drilling was not an easy task. Jari had already given up and started to melt snow for bathing water. But Sini pushed on and managed to drill through the ice and then we had a plenty of water.

On te road of Kännätjärvi

Smooth walking
The sun is shining
Neighbour cottage on the way
The ice road is really straight
The last sprint in thicker snow
The shirt was also wet
Sauna warming, all is well
Pause between drilling
Jari has finished, Sini continues
Merry ...
... go ...
... round ...
... and ...
... whoosh!
We struck water!
Buckets full
Platform with snow
So soon the sun sets
35 minutes to the car

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