Autumn 2003

Autumn is another different season as the evening becomes dark early and you better have more clothes on you. But the colors and scents in a mushroom trip are worth waiting for.  And afterwards, you will always have something to put on the pan .

The big surprise this year was that there were no ice in the middle of November and so we turned the boat off from the winter sleep, assembled the motor back and off we went to the island. And had a last check that everything was really ready for the the winter.

Sun rays in August

And the divers are still here
Sini bringing water to sauna
Beware, these are not good...
... although they are by the house
These you can fry
Baby on its way inside
The move to south is on
Still, sauna in september is super
Reflection from the window
Mikke doing last explorations
Petromax brings a lot light
September 23 and summer flower
Jari posing to the camera
What is this?
November and we will be back
No changes in a month
The rest room is a OK
Bright colors to autumn
But now we leave for winter

Last modified 06 April, 2004
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