Lokakuun alku 2004

This autumn has been really rainy and we had to wait until October to have a sunny weekend. Most of the leaves were already on the ground, but the feeling was so relaxing as the sun warmed us and the whole atmosphere. The sauna here is really refreshing and as you have no hurry, you can enjoy fully of the nice landscapes.

Sini and the pink NY cap

Jari paying attention
The boat vorticies
A special cloud formation
Sini admiring the foliage
Kuikannest waiting for us
At last on the porch
Autumn has blown the leaves down
Jari explaining
Pay attention, winter fashion 2005, ;)
Special design at back
Sheep skin like mushroom
The sun shines at sauna
Who is living here?
Besides the sauna spirit
Another view of the bath house
This is the most inspiring view
You can not be cleaner than after sauna
The flowers are still here with us
This elephant came from Viet Nam

Last modified 1 October, 2004
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