January 2005

There has not yet a good  winter this year and even the ice was not strong enough until end of January. Then it was cold enough and we decided to make a try to go to the cottage. We even bought an ice drill to check the ice thickness. But it was not needed as we found a just ploughed ice road in the middle of the lake. And in the same direction as we were heading. If the trcator had managed to drive here, we certainly would be able to ski over to the cottage. After less than an hour we were at the cottage and found everything in tact. If the weather permits, we plan to stay over night the next time .

The small lake in a sun bath

Sini opening the trail
There is snow up to the ankles
The target and the shadows
And now we are heading with speed
Road on ice for a mile
We wish it would be like this always
The cottage a OK
The view before the sunset
We wish we could stay
Almost back to the car
Making a snow angel
I am stuck!
And here she is!

Last modified 1 February, 2005
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