Island in winter time

We have managed to visit our island twice before Xmas. In the beginning of December the ice was aroung 6 inches thick and we dared to try skiing there. 
We can during winter time come by car closer, around 2 500 m from the island. Then we walk or ski 300 m over a smaller lake, go 200 in a small forest and then about a mile to the island. Last time the walk with a small load took half an hour.

Trip begins at the small lake

Sun 10 o'clock, Dec 15
The forest is over... 
...and the big lake awaits.
The sun gives long shadows...
...but provides lot of light.
Very close now...
...and here we are.

To bath in simple surroundings in winter time gives extraordinary feelings. The water does not come from tap, so you have to make some efforts. One can melt snow, or break the ice to get water from the lake. 

The Sauna waits for us

But we need water?
We could melt some snow...
...or take it from the lake.
Through a hole in the lake...
...where water is really clear
Then fire in the furnace
and Jari is very happy

The bath in sauna was delicious and refreshing. Also, we warmed the cottage the whole day, but the walls were so cold that the air did not warm much. Maybe the fireplace stones warmed better in the evening, but we already left back to town. 

We will enjoy our Christmas in these scenes and we would like to wish MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our readers and friends.

Furnace is on in the cottage

Lake view in winter

Second view (compare it with summer)

A glorious sunset

Last modified 15 December, 2001
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