The Scottish Prisoner - Excerpts

Excerpts may be difficult to see in the Work in Progress list as they are only titled by the date they were revealed. This page contains some explanation in order to better find the certain excerpt you remember being there. The book will be released November 29, 2011.


11/2/08 John Grey visits Nessie's establishment, Instruction.rtf
4/3/10 The beginning of SP, Cold.rtf
4/4/10 John receives Carruther's story from Canada , bomb_excerpt.rtf
5/8/10 Jamie is disturbed by maid Betty in Helwater, excerpt_3.rtf
5/27/10 Jamie has some plans to do after meeting Betty, weather_snip.rtf
8/31/10 John and Hal discover a document written in Erse, compuserv
10/19/10 Jamie has visitors in Helwater and he goes on a journey (A long excerpt), Nikkixs_big.rtf
11/11/10 John finds Harry Quarry writing, compuserv 
11/19/10 Harry's writing is revealed, content can be guessed from title, excerpt_erotic_poetry.rtf
11/23/10 John is angry on Hal, and meets Nezzie on the streets, birthday_excerpt.rtf
12/2/10 John and Harry's dialogue re erotic poetry continues, compuserv
12/5/10 This is John, telling Hal about Harry's poetry, compuserv
12/11/10 Jamie and Isobel Dunsany riding, compuserv 
12/12/10 John, Hal and Harry. Jamie has left the scene, excerpt_cocked_hat.rtf
12/12/10  (2) Jamie in the park after leaving the previous excerpt, Excerpt_Punch_and_Judy.rtf  
12/13/10 Jamie takes Little William riding, excerpt_horseback.rtf 
12/14/10 Jamie and Quinn discuss marriage in Helwater, compuserv  
12/31/10 Jamie and Quinn riding, compuserv 
1/2/11 A long excerpt before the one in 8/31/10, excerpt_new_year.rtf 
1/6/11 John and Minnie discuss Hal's ex-wife, Esme, excerpt_Esme.rtf
1/14/11 John and Tom discuss one of Jamie's traits, excerpt_SCOTTISH_PRISONER_seasick.rtf
1/25/11 John, Tom and Jamie discuss uniform colors, Puce.rtf
2/4/11 Jamie and groom Roberts have an argument, compuserv 
2/21/11 Jamie meets Sister Eudoxia in Helwater, excerpt_fridstool.rtf
3/19/11 In which Willie pesters his nanny into bringing him to the stable to see the horses again, excerpt_stable.rtf 
3/20/11 Beginning of the book? (earlier version in 4/3/10),
3/25/11 Jamie in Abbot Michael's room, compuserv
3/25/11 (2) Mr. X appears, compuserv
4/1/11 An unconscious conversation between Jamie and Lord John about Killing, compuserv
4/7/11 John and Harry discuss poetry (earlier drafts Nov 10) and Stephan von Namtzen appears, compuserv
4/17/11 a Jamie meets Abbot Michael, (end seen earlier in 3/25/11), Janet_1.rtf 
4/17/11 b The scene with Abbot Michael continued, compuserv 
4/17/11 c And the scene continues (remember to click FULL MESSAGE at bottom), compuserv 
4/17/11 d And scene continues to Jamie's desire to confess, compuserv 
4/26/11 Prologue (shown also in 4/1/11), compuserv
5/2/11 Lord John and Jamie are walking along a dark Irish road at night, under a rising moon, compuserv
5/3/11 The legend of the Wild Hunt, re above, compuserv
5/3/11 (2) This is what comes just before the excerpts above, compuserv 
5/10/11 Young William teething in Helwater, Excerpt_teething.rtf 
5/24/11 John, Tom, Jamie, Mr. X, Excerpt_darts.rtf 
5/28/11 Jamie's buttock is black, compuserv  
5/28/11b Another glimpse to Harry's erotic poetry, compuserv
6/2/11 John gets a letter, compuserv 
6/12/11 John and Hal with the Erse document (seen in 8/31/10), compuserv 
8/21/11 Jamie ponders about oath, compuserv 
8/21/11 (2) Frogs, compuserv/DailyLines
9/8/11 John and Stephan von Namtzen, compuserv 
9/20/11 Harry Quarry offers satisfaction to Jamie, of which he discusses with John, Duello.rtf
10/27/11 For Pruriently-Interested Parties, short on compuserv
11/3/11 First 19 pages of the book, Random House (publisher)
11/13/11 Excerpt from 3/19/11 in slightly changed form THE_SCOTTISH_PRISONER_-_Birthday_Big.rtf

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