Our Island on Lake Kivijarvi

Half a mile to the island 

And closer
Entrance alley at the beach
The patio in front of the cottage
The cottage at noon
On the way to the Sauna
Platform to northwest
The southern beach

We finally found our own summer cottage, which is on a small island on the Lake Kivijarvi (Stone lake) in Luumaki (Bone hill) 15 miles west from Lappeenranta

Everything necessary is there: A cottage of 47 square meters, a sauna at western beach, a well, a beach in south and two platforms.  

We have to com to the island with a boat and the boat place is 3 miles from the island. 

We and our cats have enjoyed our stay from the beginning, we go often to the sauna and have much company in the nature. And of course there has been some visitors.

Last modified 21 August, 2001
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