Finnish BBQ in Ha Noi

In Finnish
In early November following intriguing message was sent (translation by JB):
Dear Friends,

All Finnish are invited to have fun together with BBQ on next Saturday, November 4, 2000 at 6 PM
Address: Rose Garden Towers, 6 Ngoc Khanh ( 4th Floor)

With best regards,
Sinikka ja Jari Backman, Tuula ja Hannu Mellin

RSVP 3.11 p. 090 439 503 (Hannu)

PS. Only paid costs will be charged for drink and food

So the BBQ would need some work to be done and Hannu brought from Hai Phong a full load of pork fillet (5 kg), squid (5 kg) and prawns (3 kg) of Friday with him and these all were put in marinade over night. Jari ordered some lotussalad, russian salad and shrimpkebab trhrough his work.

On Saturday Hannu, Jari and Sini went for shopping and Tuula started to prepare fresh salads. We have some places in Ha Noi, where you can make good buy. First, there are several markets for foreigners (quality and price), and we went to but cream etc. from L's place near our home.

The potatoes, onions, herbs, garlic and grill coal were bought from open market December 19 (Cho 19.12.), where there are almost everything on sale, including dog (yak).

And, of course, there was a need to pick up some wine. After the first shopping round, the potatoes were put in the first grill,

and Hannu & Jari went to get another one from Matti as well some beer. Unfortunately, this trip was not captured, but the beer factory will be shown some other time. The 34 liters of local draught beer (bia hoi) were put to these containers, where they will be cool all evening or as long as there is beer left.

The Rose Garden people helped us with setting the tables and chairs and we (Chef Hannu) started to grill, grill and grill.

We were very glad to see a high turnout as there were 30 people, which counted of the most Finnish long-time residents in Ha Noi at that moment. Also we had the opportunity to have Kirsti and Pirjo from Aamulehti and Kaleva, which means some articles in Finland about our activities here.

With the traditions, some guests brought also flower and candy besides their wallets and Marita showed us once again, how to show happy feelings and laughter.

The food was appreciated and there were many interesting discussions during the evening.

There were, of course by arrangements of Sini, Finnish music and even some enthusiastics went to dance tango during the evening. Those that do not know, tango is not only Argentinean, but has spread deep roots to the Finnish soul.

The last visitors left after midnight (sorry staff) and just before we had many laughs with the halloween mask that Mio brought to the party.

So we want to thank Jorma, Tuula, Manu, Anni, Kirsti, Pirjo, Kalevi, Eila, Kari L, Kari M, Ulla, Vesa, Seppo, Antti, Kare, Tiia, Matti, Trieu, Maritta and Suvi for coming and making it a nice and lovely evening.

Tuula & Hannu Mellin, Sini & Jari Backman

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