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We visited Saigon in March 2000 for five days. Jari had three meetings and then we had the weekend for relaxing. So most of the time Sini was enjoying the hotel and Jari sat in the meetings. But then we had also two whole days for ourselves.

The time went flying on the pool side, although one had to be careful against the sun light. The pool was nice and the traffic noise was not too bothering. We also had a nice view from our room to pool and to the streets as we were in the tenth floor.

The service worked on the pool and we had some squid rings (at least Jari) and some other to quench small need. Also the hotel room service manage very well so all in the opposite to our own apartment in Hanoi (Somerset West Lake at that time)

There is a nice photo series about Sini as Jari managed to move unnoticed to the other end of the pool. And when he attracted Sini's notion, she was indeed puzzled and afterwards looking from the video, there is really a paparazzi king of feeling. Which, of course in this case changed to happy feeling instead of anger.

There were also tourists from Aurinkomatkat (Sun Travel) and we met some in the Swiss German Bavaria restaurant in the vicinity of the hotel. We had during our previous trip a year before had there excellent Fondue and this time we found out that the stakes were also excellent.

The hotel was grandiose, there were marble pillars in the entrance lobby and there were live music every evening in the Lobby bar. This time an indonesian orchestra kept good feeling alive.

Our room was junior sweet with its own entrance at the end of the corridor. And the room was really nice with a living room, bed room and a proper bath room. During the day it was slightly too warm, but we are very cool people. The four top floors are executive floors with own reception and breakfast room. And every evening they  had really happy hour as drinks were free. And believe or not, we did not have a single one.

The last pictures is from our return that was one hour late. But the information was delivered in good time and Jari's secretary could tell us about the change in advance and we did not have to wait at the airport any extra time.

In the last photo you can see our driver Thang on the left side of the soldier. His glad appearance is always welcoming travelers back home in Ha Noi. In the old terminal, the welcoming people have still await outside and the luggage tags are always inspected and without the copy, you can not leave the terminal. Well, it prevents Jari to take other people's luggage as happened in Finland.

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